Children’s and Young people's discos.


Children and Young People's parties are often remembered into adulthood and celebrated time again at family gatherings and lifelong-friend discussions years later.

Making parties Fun, Relevant and Exciting to everyone invited including the parents is key to its memorable success.

Little DJ Edinburgh's experience of working across the Lothian area in Primary, Secondary and private schools such as Merchiston School for boys, St George's School for Girls, George Heriot's and North Berwick Primary. Local church halls, private houses, leisure centres and hotels, and covering a host of events, from Birthday parties, Primary 7 school leavers, Graduation Balls, Ceilidh nights, Halloween, Valentine and Christmas parties for all age groups make us the best in the business for your children's and teenagers' parties.

Little DJ Edinburgh knows children and young people vary in music tastes and maturity, and that boys' expectations sometimes differ from those of girls. Mostly, children and young people are more demanding than adults in having their say at what music should be played and entertaining them is not without its challenges. Our aim is to make your child / school / club disco relevant, fun and exciting at every step. We offer consultation with you and if appropriate, your child or group free of charge. We will discuss their music tastes, abilities and expectations and we definitely don’t just turn up playing the same tunes some DJs have been playing to kids and teenagers for years - Ghostbusters, for example - and hope that it works. We know that children and young people love to play games and we also acknowledge that many young children love 'up to date chart songs' and dancing. We also encourage young people to make up their own Ipod or Spotify playlist and bring it along.

Little DJ Edinburgh has a vast experience of playing wider and non-competitive games with any number of participants. Using sponge balls, hula-hoops, cones and other play paraphernalia, it is organised chaos. Parents are usually encouraged to take part, if not with helping in children’s games, being involved in the action too. We ask that you bring lolly pops or some fun size chocolate treats for everyone at the party as prizes for taking part. Losers never exist at our parties. Games, if required by young people, can be adapted appropriately to take into account their ages etc and will always be planned in advance, so there are no embarrassing moments. Some young people just want to 'hang about', show off, dance or chill. It's made simple with Little DJ Edinburgh.

Ceilidh dancing with professional, fun instruction can work perfectly with children and young people and may also be an option should your party require this.

If you require further information please go to our contact page to make an information request or to book our services.


Looking for something a little more hardcore? Check out our METAL HEAD parties!


DJ Edinburgh extend their Young People's parties to include its very own 'Metal DJ' Euan Henderson. Euan is 17 years old and is an avid Metal fan with years of interest and his knowledge of the topic is fantastic. Euan is a keen rock drummer in a Metal band and is a Metal DJ too. He recognised very early on that DJs don’t risk playing Heavy, Thrash or Death Metal or rock music generally which for him and his peers was and still is frustrating. Euan offers this service for other like minded teenagers who cringe at modern Pop music and thrive on their individuality and appreciation for ROCK music. This service can also work for adults who love the genre.

If this sounds like a great option for birthday and interest group parties and the like, this event choice will ROCK everyone involved. In addition, Euan is also keen to encourage instruments and jamming sessions, if appropriate at your event which can be well planned in advance.

We have microphones and stands and excellent PA equipment especially for this. Euan invites individuals to plan their music in advance to compliment his own vast collection of Original and other styles of Rock music.

Please send us an enquiry via contact page or book Euan Henderson.